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Diamond Jewellery

An insignia of romance, Diamonds are the summit of the world’s most desired stones. Ever since they were discovered, the sparkle of the diamond has caught the eye of generations and generations.

The Radiant shine and intricate cuts of this stone make it very popular among women. It is therefore no surprise that diamonds are mostly used in engagement and weddings.

Precious Stones

Traditionally speaking, a precious stone is a piece of naturally discovered mineral used to make jewellery or other adornment, due to their inhenrent beauty. These stones are mixed, then cut and polished to add to their attractiveness.

The rarest stones are always the most expensive and most treasured pieces. Precious stone include diamonds, emeralds, ruby and sapphire, to name a few. Even pearls are sometimes classified as precious stones, though they are not stones, strickly speaking.

Like diamonds and gold, precious stones too have been revered in history and cultures across the world.

Gold Jewellery

History, present, future. Gold is the metal that transcends all time. For centuries man has been fascinated by the allure of gold, and even today no one can deny the attraction of this glittering and highly malleable metal.
Inspired by its sheer beauty, gold has been transformed into various kinds of jewellery and decorative material. Yet that is not the only purpose it is used for. As an incredibly versatile metal, it is also applied in modern technology such as high definition cables and for scientific research.

Gold’s purity is primarily measured in ‘carats’, 24 carat being the purest form. Its extraordinarily contrasting qualities of flexibility and strength mean that it can be molded into many shapes, without losing its inherent properties.

Gold was, is and will be our object of desire, forever!